File transfer for enterprise and business

Our file transfer solution is compliant for enterprise.

Enterprise have the choice to contact us for a more customised solution.

That is a custom theme with your own company logo that uses the Seshi API for the application.

The file syncing and sharing market is growing at a rapid.

Seshi provides a fast ad-hoc file transfer solution without any setup.

Since you don't have to login, we recommend using private browsing instant cache deletion after a file transfer session is completed.

Your data won't be stored in the browser in private browsing.

Alternative to Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Compared to FTP, MFT provides higher level of security. While MFT is apparently more reliable, it is very expensive to license to install and to manage. Due to their complexity, it create high barrier to use as it requires training and often external users are licensed.

The corporates pay for high level of governance and reliability. This means more control of their data. There are cheaper software that are just as compliant and give users more control. One example is Slack.

In terms of usability, MFT software is complicated, and users need extensive training to use the software, therefore introducing a lot of cost and time.

Seshi doesn't require any training at all. While it is a ad-hoc file transfer solution. We believe business users send files when it is necessary

Contact us for a customised solution today.