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Ad hoc File Transfer

adhoc file transfer usually refers to creating a mesh network of devices like your phone, laptops etc all connected together randomly. It's cool, and for file transfer it's sometimes easier to use something like
Seshi.io to get files moving across devices.

In short: Creating an ad-hoc network is overkill if all you want to quickly zap files between devices.

Ever wanted to spontaneously send a file to someone? Creating a mesh network used to be the best solution for this, but it requires messing about with connecting every device to the same network.

Fastest way to do ad hoc file transfer

Creating an ad-hoc network is inconvenient, when all you want is to connect someone's device to yours to transfer a file directly. That's why we've built Seshi to solve this issue. It's quick, easy and more secure than sending your data via a company because it sends files direct.

If you just want to send a large file quickly read our guide how to send files fast for free over the internet.

If your're interested in the history of file sharing / sending then check out a brief history of file sharing through the ages where we go from back-in-the-day to newer solutions like ours which requires no installation and other cool solutions like Infinit and the up-coming SafeNetwork.

No Install = No Hassle

Because you don't need to install anything to send your files ad hoc, you can easily send a file from your phone to a friend without woryring if they already have the right app etc. The same applies to laptops / macs vs pcs. Because there's nothing to install you can send files between mac and pc instantly with no hassle.

For example when you engage a discussion with a friend, business colleague, they may want to send a file quickly. Perhaps there's a deadline... In the moment, you need something that just works to send a file and Seshi does that for you.

In person, you can verbally tell someone a key you choose to connect. "Just type in seshi.io/mykey. When two users go to this key, they are connected and file transfer can begin. Here's a step-by-step guide.

Send file direct to another person
Seshi provides a great user experience with impromptu file transfer. No more sign ups and installs. All the user has to do is send the file through the browser. Give it a go now and feel free to feedback directly to us your experience.