Other use cases for exchanging files

You can transfer any files from Android to your Mac and vice versa.

You don't have to install anything to transfer your files.

Just use the Android Browser and Chrome, and send files to yourself. Large files in fact. Up to 200 MB.

You maybe wondering why can't I just install an app. Seshi is built in such a way that downloading app isn't required. We will look into building an Android app in the future though depending on user feedback.

More enterprises than ever are using file transfer services as an alternative to email.

Despite Seshi being aimed to consumers, it is viable for enterprises as file transfer it end-to-end encrypted. Sending everyday files like invoices suffice.

Seshi is free. Why should the IT department be indecisive what service to use? Seshi can provide internal file transfer as well as external.

Due to Seshi's encryption, Lawyers and attorneys can use it for client privileges and confidentiality.

Also during a file exchange, two users can engage to encrypted conversations. Once the session is finished, your conversation is deleted.

Seshi Pro preview

Currently, there are a lot of cloud based file sharing apps. Seshi will have Pro version, for transferring files up to 1 TB. Seshi Pro as it will be called, will be a cloud based file sharing web app. It is very much different the original which send files using WebRTC.

Seshi Pro will competing against the likes of Dropbox for business and WeTransfer Plus.

Seshi Pro will target companies that require storage of rich media content like videos and music.

Professional videographers would need to upload their content online before presenting to a client for example.