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Add Files, Connect - Swap + Chat + more

There are the simple steps to get started

Add files ---> Connect --> Swap + Chat

Once connected, you can continue to add more files and swap/exchange files with friends.

Adding files is the easiest part, that's the big rock. The stacking of rock represents user's purpose.

If you are sociable, finding someone to spend time with is easy. The hard part is spending hours with someone. These days, hardly anyone would spend that much time.

Being realist, that is most people's mentality. Swapping files is quite a short session lasting less than 10 minutes. They have my files, I have their files. We're done. That's the tiny rock. The user eventually has no more purpose to use the site. They leave the site.

What if we introduce a new concept? Sync play

Both parties can listen to the same song, watch the same video at the same time with the built-in media player.

They can enjoy rich media together. They can even learn something new together. For instance, listening to a audiobook together or that podcast one of them downloaded.

This concept allows users to stack the rocks higher, essentially making users spend more time on the website.

The sync play is still in development. We dabbled with a rough prototype.

Share files with anyone today