Send business documents and large files

Many files exchanged on a daily basis with business partners, suppliers, contractors and customers. Beside their sensitive data, many files cannot be sent due to large file size through email.

Currently, you can send up to 200 MB through Seshi.

Businesses rely on other methods to send sensitive information.

  • Sending Removable media through courier - usb sticks itself can be easily lost or stolen. Every so often, the courier loses your parcel, so it's not 100% reliable.

  • Secure FTP - Requiring a client installation SFTP takes time to set up and some level of training before it can be used. For the client end it is more complex to use than SFTP and policy creation is complex.

To send confidential documents, you must use private browsing, so that your files will be deleted after you closed the browser.

In public computer, remember to close the browser after using Seshi.