Share files easily in Uni group work projects

We all love to hate University group work don't we? File sharing between everyone can be a hassle. Seshi makes sending files to group members quick and easy.

Send files between Uni group members for free.

Transferring files between group members can be a hassle, especially when we get put into groups without choice, and expected to just get along!

Easily share Uni group work files

Sharing files can be cumbersome especially when University computers don't let you install anything. Seshi eliminates this problem because you can send files to anyone directly without installing a thing!

The above video shows moving a group work document (project proposal) from a desktop computer, and then sending it to a mobile phone- for example another group member.

  • You can securely transfer any file format
  • No installation is needed
  • No USB stick required
  • Free & Unlimited to use!

Easily share files within a group

Give a go when collaborating on group work at University. With Seshi you can share files between mac and pc using Google Chrome or Firefox, including mobile phones (Android).