File sharing for professional photographers

Have you ever struggled with how to send raw images by email..? There is a better way, and you've just found it!

How to send large Raw Photographs between devices & clients easily and quickly

Seshi offers professional photographers a great solution to deliver their digital files instantly, easily and securely, across multiple devices.

Showing how to send large RAW camera image files using Seshi

Save time, there's no need to create an account- you can start instantly sending files between your devices right away. Quickly need to transfer some raw photos from a Laptop to Desktop? Use Seshi.

Send photos direct to clients instantly

Reap the same benefits with your client. All they have to do is receive the connection key to start file exchange. To learn how to use Seshi in under a minute read: How to send large files direct.

As the photographer you can send any image file format and can send multiple files to the client at once.

Maintain total copyright ownership of your work when sending photos

The connection key is basically grant access to view and download each other's list of files. Nothing is stored in the cloud, you rightly control your own content. There's less risk of your copyrighted images getting taken, given we do not store, or save any of your files sent using Seshi the files are sent direct from you to the other.

Once a connection key is sent to a client, only the client and photographer will see each other's files.

The digital files are only stored in your own browser. That is why Seshi will never see what you store.

File Sharing Collaboration

Seshi provides users with a unique peer to peer file sharing experience. As mentioned before, each side of the peer connection will see each other file list. This is very convenient for collaborators. The recipient can quickly pull (i.e download) from the remote user's file list. This is especially useful when reviewing many iterations of a design, for example.

For example, you may add more files to your Seshi as your work. The connected user can download from your file list as they appear, without having to explicitly send the file.

Professional artists and photographer can use Seshi to send large raw image formats easily and instantly. Don't worry about email attachments file size limits, give Seshi a go, it's free!

Seshi Pro

If photographers need cloud storage, the upcoming Seshi Pro will let them store their images and share with other collaborators. Also, it allows clients to access photographer's work anytime and download their files at a later time.