WebRTC and banking technology

Customers want to replicate the experience they've become used to through using instant messaging serves like WhatsApp, Messenger and FaceTime. Recent advanced in Web Real Time Communication - WebRTC - means that banks can now provide a more customer-centric user experience by directly initiating video calls, voice and chat in the browser.

It will interesting to see how this technology can be used to personalise the experience of banking apps. Atom Bank has recently built WebRTC in their apps. Other banks in the future of will inevitably follow their lead.

Adoption of WebRTC is increasing and we predict market reaction will be positive.

Seshi has built a unique communication webapp that makes it easy for users to swap files.

A direct communication channel between two peers makes file and information sharing a faster experience for users.

A unique experience between an agent and caller would be that they can send files to each without interrupting the call, all in the browser.

VOIP, like Skype can do this, but sending large files is difficult.

Our solution can provide unique experiences to customers and improve overall satisfaction.