Send files with students, teachers and tutors

One-to-one tutoring

Make one-to-one tutoring easier with Seshi. The tutor can send lesson material to their student. During a session, the student can quickly send back the saved document files. This gives both quick feedback and report.

The student can send their files before the tutoring session ends.

The tutor may want to send just the video or audio lesson to the student.

The student would watch or listen to the lesson and at the same give feedback to the tutor through the chat interface.

Private tutors can provide students with a unique learning experience. Student usually book appointments with private tutors. Tutors may want to save energy by sending short videos or audio files as part of the lesson to the students of similar ability, and then proceed to a more personalised section of the lesson.

The student can instantly playback the audio or video files in their browser.

Teacher feedback

When submitting work, the teacher can give the student live feedback. The feedback they get is instant as the teacher can chat to the student directly.

Remote collaboration

For the time being, Seshi can only communicate between 2 people. Nevertheless, two people in a team can collaborate together on a project. When they connect, they can pull each other's files as needed.

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