Data and file sharing made easy

Scientists and academics can use Seshi to exchange their experimental data with their peers.

Conventionally, they have always used email to share excel files etc.

Seshi makes it easy to exchange data when needed. Would store your experimental data in the cloud? Even though big companies like Dropbox encrypt your files in the cloud. They have way to decrypt your data and take a peak.

Academics and engineers are protective of their inventions.

Data and confidential files prone to being hacked. Take the iCloud incident for example.

We recommend to use private browsing on Chrome. Only add files what you need. Add any files and share with a connect peer. The two peers will able to see each other file list and can begin swapping their files. When the session is finished, the files will be destroyed. By using private browsing/incognito mode, it will give users a great ephemeral experience similar to Snapchat.

Don't worry about leaving your stuff permanently stored in the cloud.

We need your feedback regarding user experience to improve our product.